First of all, give our overall results, we feel that our price offers you value for money. Second, our asking price allows us to get quality over quantity when it comes to our members – we want our clients to be serious betting people making an investment in order to increase their overall profit, and not newbies and university students expecting a paid service to produce a “rags to riches” scenario. We feel that most serious punters will recognize us as a good investment opportunity, while our asking price will make most of the newbies opt against joining us, which is exactly what we want to achieve.

Replacement tips are sent by email. If you did not receive the replacement tips, check your junk/spam folder. If you have not been getting our tips, the chances are that they have been wrongly identified as spam by your mail provider.

No. We don’t practise free trials as we feel that such requests are both unfair to our paying members and pointless. There is nothing you can learn about us during the free trials which you couldn’t find out normally by monitoring our progress before you buy our tips.

Send me an email with your name and mail address where you want to receive your tips and you’ll get your tips in your inbox every day.

Don’t be fooled by sites claiming 100% surewin soccer tips. We don’t believe in such things! We work hard to bring the closest possible performance to surewin, at around 83% to 88% hit rates each month.

Tips are provided via email, and you can buy them trough Skrill, Paysafecard, PayPal, Neteller and Western Union.
Email is: [email protected]